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Dr Paul Fox

Dr Paul Fox

Dr Paul Fox

My research is focussed on the relationship between the conduct of armed conflict and its mediation in visual culture in modern Europe. It spans the construction of national and gendered identities, witnessing and testimony, censorship, protest, trauma, and commemoration. I have also co-authored a programme preparing military cultural specialists for operational duties in Afghanistan and elsewhere.


Selected Publications from "Making War, Mapping Europe"   

  • ‘Fighting a just war: photography, architecture, and the language of damage in the Egyptian Sudan, 1884-98’ in Joseph Clarke and John Horne (eds), Peripheral Visions: European Military Expeditions as Cultural Encounters in the Long 19th Century (in submission, expected in 2017).    

Selected Publications   

  • ‘‘‘A new and commanding breed”: German warriors, tanks and the will to battle’, War and Society, 30.1 (Spring 2011), 1-23

  • ‘Singing a narrative of conflict: Anton von Werner’s Billet Outside Paris’, Object, 10 (2008), 42-61

  • ‘Confronting postwar shame in Weimar Germany: trauma, heroism and the war art of Otto Dix’, Oxford Art Journal, 29, no. 2 (2006), 247-267