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Dr Mahon Murphy

Dr Mahon Murphy

Dr Mahon Murphy

Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

e-mail: Murphm73@tcd.ie

Project Member
'British and French Expeditions to Italy, the Balkans and the Near East (1915-20)'
The British military occupation of Palestine and Jerusalem 1917-1920


Mahon Murphy works on the history of empires in transition during war. His PhD thesis, received from the London School of Economics in 2015, focused on the British takeover of Germany’s colonies during the First World War and the treatment of German civilian internees and prisoners of war in the extra-European theatres of the conflict. His research interests focus on the First World War as a global war, internment, the notion of imperial prestige and imperial interaction. He has also taught and lectured on various aspects of European and extra-European history of the early twentieth century.

Selected Publications from "Making War, Mapping Europe"   

  • ‘Militarised Cultural Encounters during the British Military Occupation of Jerusalem 1917-1920, The Jerusalem Quarterly. (forthcoming).
  • ‘The ‘Hole-y City’: British Soldiers’ Perceptions of Jerusalem During its Occupation, 1917-1920’ in Joseph Clarke and John Horne, eds. Peripheral Visions: European Military Expeditions as Cultural Encounters in the Long 19th Century. (in submission, expected in 2017).   

Selected Publications

  • ‘Brücken, Beethoven und Baumkuchen: German and Austro-Hungarian Prisoners of War and the Japanese home front’, in Barth-Scalmani/Bürgschwentner/Egger, (Eds) Other Fronts, Other Wars? First World War Studies on the Eve of the Centennial (Brill, Leiden, 2014).
  • 青島ドイツ俘虜収容所研究会第7号 第一次世界大戦中の日本におけるドイツ人俘虜 (‘German Prisoners of War in Japan During the First World War’, in The Tsingtao-War German Prisoners Research Society, no.7) (Tokyo, 2009).