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Dr Fergus Robson

Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

e-mail:  frobson@tcd.ie

Project Member
French Military Expeditions in Italy (1796-99) and Egypt (1798-1801) 


Fergus Robson’s research interests include the French Revolution, counter-revolution, national identity, state-building, policing and rural society and the making of ‘modernity’. He uses a broad interdisciplinary approach including methods and theories from across the social sciences. Fergus received his doctorate from Trinity College Dublin in 2013 and his graduate studies were funded by a three year scholarship from the Irish Research Council. He is currently undertaking a two-year post-doctoral research fellowship on the HERA funded project, Making War, Mapping Europe: Militarized Cultural Encounters, 1792-1920. He has delivered research papers at seminars and international conferences in Ireland, the UK and the US.

Selected Publications from "Making War, Mapping Europe"

  • ‘The Soldiers of the French Revolution as Travellers, Tourists and Transmitters of Tropes: The Campaigns in Italy and Egypt as Sites of Cultural Encounters’. Russian Journal of French Studies. (forthcoming, 2017).

  • ‘Bearers and Begetters of the Torch of Civilisation: French Soldiers’ Evolving Conception of the Self and Other through Cultural Encounters’ in Joseph Clarke and John Horne, eds. Peripheral Visions: European Military Expeditions as Cultural Encounters in the Long 19th Century. (in submission, expected in 2017).

  • 'Siege Warfare in Comparative Early Modern Contexts: Norms, Nuances, Myth and Massacre during the Revolutionary Wars' in Alex Dowdall and John Horne, eds, From Sarajevo to Troy: Civilians under Siege. Palgrave McMillan, (Basingstoke, 2017).

  • ‘Insurgent Identities, Destructive Discourses and Militarized Massacre: French Armies on the Warpath against Insurgents in the Vendée, Italy and Egypt' in Brian Hughes and Fergus Robson, eds, Unconventional Warfare from Antiquity to the Present Day. Palgrave McMillan, (Basingstoke, 2017).