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Bavarian Soldiers in Greece, 1832-1862

by Martina Haggenmüller

After the long fight for freedom against the Ottoman Empire, in which King Ludwig I of Bavaria distinguished himself as an important non-material and material supporter, Greece obtained, in 1830, its independence from Turkish rule and was declared to be an independent sovereign kingdom.

Two years later, on May 7, 1832, Great Britain, France and Russia, the “protecting powers“ of Greece, entered into an official state treaty with Bavaria after difficult negotiations in London, which was to transfer the power to govern Greece, combined with the royal title, to ...

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Gundula Gahlen

The Deployment of Bavarian Officers to Greece in the 19th Century

After the long struggle for freedom (1821-1830) against the Ottoman Empire, Greece achieved its independence from the Turkish sovereignty.  King Ludwig I of Bavaria supported the Greek Revolution against the Ottomans with great sympathy, money, and a military mission to Greece. In 1826 Ludwig I had already spent 20,000 guilders for the Greek struggle for freedom and had deployed the first officers to Hellas. The king of Bavaria was a passionate supporter of “philhellenism”, a movement that understood Greece as the birthplace of culture and that was anticipated by the classical intellectual movement ...